Sunday School

Sunday School

Our English Youth Sunday School comprises three classes:

  • Grades 7-8
  • Grades 9-10
  • Grades 11-12

The curriculum that we will be walking through for all three classes throughout the September 2017 to August 2018 school year is called the Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) which takes our youth through a 5 year systematic study through the Bible. We are in sync with our Children’s Ministry program that will use ABC during their school year as well, so that each person walking with us in our church becomes firmly grounded in the Word of God.

Our Adult Sunday School classes comprise three classes:

  • Adult Sunday School class – Our adults join in a Sunday School class examining the Apologetics of the Faith as we are guided by as series prepared by RZIM ministries. Come dig deeper in our engaging discussions!
  • CTC (Christ the Centre) Sunday school for college and university students will take place each Sunday at 11:15am in Room 1.
  • A 12 week program starting April 8, tailored for seekers and new believers. It will take place each Sunday from 11:15-12:15 in Room 1 of the Church House. The program consists of watching a short video introducing a foundational aspect of the Christian faith, followed by a time of discussion, and wrapping up with a time of fellowship over lunch. Open to everyone.