Phase 2 Expansion

Phase 2 Expansion

NTCAC is Growing!

By God’s grace, the planning of NTCAC’s phase 2 expansions is well underway. Visit this page often for updates on this project. If you have any specific feedback or inquiry about the expansion, please contact Peter Tam, Chair of the Building Expansion Committee at

Why are we expanding?

Our congregational activities are growing. We will create more indoor space for worship, fellowship and youth activities to meet current needs and accommodate congregation growth outlined in NTCAC’s Vision 2020 Plan.

Our Expansion Proposal

  • More indoor space: one 200-seat multiple purpose hall, two meeting rooms and two unisex washrooms for a total area of 3,740 sq. ft.
  • More outdoor space: close to 1,000 sq. ft. patio and walkway
  • New paved parking area at the eastern end of church site

Project and Construction Budget

$1.8 million

Project Milestones and Timeline

  • 04/2016  to  04/2018  –  Site Plan Amendment Application (SPA)
  • 05/2018  to  07/2018  –  Building Permit Application
  • 08/2018  to  09/2018  –  Tendering
  • 10/2018  to  06/2019  –  Construction

Project Milestones Update

Date Update
04/14/2016 First SPA submission to the Town of Richmond Hill
01/26/2017 Reply letter and comments from Town
01/26/2018 SPA resubmission to the Town

SPA Town Comments Status Updates

Document Responsibility Status
Septic System Review Rural Development Complete – 7/19/17
Elevation Plan Architect Complete – 11/28/17
Floor Plan Architect Complete – 11/28/17
Site Service and Grading Plan Cole Engineering Complete – 9/5/17
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Cole Engineering Complete – 9/5/17
Storm Water Management Report Cole Engineering Complete – 9/5/17
Hydrogeological Investigation Cole Engineering Complete – 9/5/17
Underground Water Balance Study Cole Engineering Complete – 9/5/17
Landscape Plan DWK Landscape Architect Complete – 11/22/17
Natural Heritage Evaluation Beacon Environmental Complete – 1/25/18